The Bionic Woman: Now And Then

This television series is an incredible story of Jaime Sommers played by none other than Lindsay Wagner, an American Emmy Award-Winning Actress. The bionic woman production team was able to complete 3 seasons with a total of 58 episodes, it ran for over 2 years due to the high demands of its viewers.

Jaime Sommers is just a normal woman enjoying her title as one of the American’s top tennis players, not until she met an accident when her love interest Steve Austin visited his hometown which is Ojai, California to purchase a ranch, visit his mom and latter decided to rekindle his love with Jaime.

Jamie fell off to the ground when her parachute malfunction that causes her to suffer from head to feet injuries.

After Jamie’s accident, Steve has nothing left to do but to please his boss to implement bionics to Jamie’s body in order for her to survive and relive the life she intended to.

In return for the bionic parts implemented to her body, Jamie was forced to work as an agent to OSI in which later on she agreed. She then continued to high-risk missions of the government.

Bionic Woman’s first episode rakes 1.6 million viewers and marked as the “Most Watched Program Of The Night” and it does not stop there, the third episode was able to gather 1.2 million views, while the 5th episode garnered 1 million views. It seems that the bionic woman TV series never failed its viewers to be amazed by her strength in accomplishing each and every mission she got to do.

Each episode has different directors who helped the actors to keep their eye on the goal:

Episode #1: Second Chances by Michael Dinner

Episode #2: Paradise Lost by Tim Matheson

Episode #3: Sisterhood by Steve Boyum

Episode #4: Faceoff by Paul Shapiro

Episode #5: The Education of Jaime Sommers by Jonas Pate

Episode #6: The List by David Boyd

Episode #7: Trust Issues by Alex Chapple

Episode #8: Do Not Disturb by Gwyneth Horder-Payton

The Impact Of The Bionic Woman To The Society

Lindsay Wagner was able to share the opinions of the society regarding her 1970’s TV series “The Bionic Woman” it makes her wonder why until now there are still people would love to know about her character in the series. According to the actress, many women were glad to know that bionic woman existed in the world of television, it was actually the first time that the people have seen a strong woman on TV not purely just about men.

Until now, Lindsay shares how her fans made her extra-special by the action figures of the bionic woman given to her. In fact, she was told that during her years playing the role of Jamie, too many men fell in love with her but sadly she thinks that they are all married now.

The bionic woman continues in 2007, there is a reimagining of the Bionic Woman being played by Michelle Ryan.