Mind Blown Facts About Bionic Woman And Casts

These some great facts about the bionic woman, would make your more interested watching the old series as well as its re-imagining/remake series in 2007 played by Michelle Ryan.

  • The American TV series bionic woman is actually a spin off from the science fiction action series “The Six Million Dollar Man” aired in 1973 with an airing time of 60 minutes per episode.
  • Steve Austin became the first superhuman working secretly as an agent to the U.S. government OSI, right before he asked his boss to help Jaime Sommers to survive who met an accident through implementing bionics in her body.
  • Bionic Woman was ranked as the #19 among the other “25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends in August 2004.
  • Jamie Sommers and Steve Austin were actually high school sweethearts, they decided to rekindle their love when Steve visited his home town to purchase a ranch, visit his mom and accidentally bump into Jamie. In reality, Lindsay Wagner is 10 years older than Lee Majors.
  • Lee Major was actually brave enough to do most of the stunt challenges during the tapings, there was also a moment when he had to climb out on the cables which is 250 feet high. After he was done doing the stunt, Lee Major asked the tram conductor for a cigarette due to it intensity. By the way, Lee Major who portrayed the role of Steve Austin in Bionic Woman is actually not a smoker in real life.
  • The TV genre of bionic woman falls under the following category: Superhero fiction, action, drama and adventure and Mr. Kenneth Johnson was the man behind the success story.
  • Due to the strength that the bionic parts are giving to her body, bionic woman can even lift a car with a passenger in it. She can also jump as high as 4-storey building tall. Just take a look at the picture above.
  • Bionic Woman gave home to its women viewers that it’s not only men who can be a super hero when it comes to the TV series and movies. Bionic Woman TV series has become the strong points of its viewers, thinking from that day forward, men and women were created equally.
  • Jaime’s mother is a former spy for the government too, just like what she did in return for the bionic replacements in her body.
  • If you can recall some of the episodes of the bionic woman, Jaime was always a victim of kidnapped using a chloroform or a drugged drink. For every time she was kidnapped, she can easily escape through her bionic strength power, but there was a moment when she was kidnapped again, handcuffed to a friend, just not to escape because if she escaped, her friend’s hand will be forcedly pull off and made her suffer for the rest of her life.

There you go, some of the mind blown facts about our superhuman bionic woman, Jaime Sommers. Stay tune for our next update about our first favourite woman superhero.