How the $!*#@%&! Did I Get Here?

How did I go from a hot 20-something to a middle aged woman? Alright, truth be told, I’m lookin’ pretty good – even if I do say so myself. But honestly, others say so, too. Ok, they might want something, or be gunning for a good tip, but I’ll just go with it. I often get told I look 5- to 10- years younger than my mature 45.

But how I look isn’t the subject of this blog. (Although I will cover the latest fashion trends and role models for those of us ‘past a certain age.’)

The issue is – here we are! Once you have friends in their 40’s – OMG! – our topics of conversation change from where you went out last night and what hot guy (or gal) you’re seeing, to… (wait for it) menopause, divorce, personal growth, and 20- and even 30 (!) -year reunions.

So THAT is the topic of this blog. If you – like me – woke up one day and realized you were middle-aged (or quickly getting there), let’s talk.

I’ve only recently embraced the term and honestly, kinda like to freak people out with it now and again.

But seriously, my girlfriends are handed anti-depressants like candy – from their well-meaning and solicitous doctors, even there’s even a whiff of menopause-like symptoms.

So, brace yourself, if menopause is not a topic of conversation with which you’re comfortable, since that will be featured on this blog – even though I, myself, have not yet gone through ‘the change.’ But who knows? Maybe I will as I’m writing, and have the opportunity to chronicle every hot flash…

So, how did I figure out I was middle aged? Well, I got a rude awakening a little over 5 years ago. I am an avid reader and was reading one of those chick lit (said in the most honoring way!) books and the main character was lamenting her middle age – and she was 38!!!

I was like, whoa…. Wait a minute!!! I’m over that now. THAT’s not middle age. But then I did the math (a subject of another upcoming blog post). Well, I guess I am. If the average life span is 78.7 (Google it, people!), then… sheesh! 39 is right in the middle. And ‘middle aged’ is those numbers around there.

But, hey! I thought to myself. I’ve always had a goal of living over a hundred. 105 is my current goal. My mom is a robust 86, so I figured that’s not a crazy idea. I want to be active, outgoing, and live independently as long as I can. And because my mom has always been on the ‘young’ side of all of her ages, I’ve grown up with a different mindset.

So, assuming 100 – or, hey! Even 95 – I’m still on the uphill climb, right? But no matter. I am solidly in the ranks of the middle age – and I’ve come to embrace it.

If you’d like to read humorous stories of me and my friends, then you’re in the right place.

Read the bio to learn a little about me. However, note that all of the blog contributors (including me) are writing under pseudonyms. This is to protect the innocent (or not so innocent, as the case may be), and for the peace of mind of our friends and family.

Who knew they’d be so touchy?

So grab a glass of wine, or a cup of tea, and get settled in for the hilarious adventures of these middle aged ladies!